Captain Marvel (The End)
4th Apr 2020, 12:49 PM
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Captain Marvel (The End)
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Author Notes:
Hi, everyone! This is the Captain Marvel from the comic, Captain Marvel: The End. It’s basically her final form before she dies. I hope you like it. Anyway, I pray that everyone is staying safe during this unprecedented time. I know it’s scary, but we can get through this. Stay strong and be be careful. Happy Saturday, everyone!
User comments:
Pardon me, but is this her Binary form? I don't know much about Captain Marvel except that she is insanely powerful.
Thanks for asking. I have a complex answer. I apologize in advance. This is not her original binary form with power from the white whole. There was a comic that came out this year where we get to see her in the future, and this is what she looked like. I do believe that she can go binary from time to time currently (and she does look it here), so you probably can call this her future binary form, I guess.