Wonder Woman
25th Apr 2020, 4:00 PM
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Wonder Woman
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Author Notes:
Hi, everyone! I don’t read DC comics very often (as you probably know, I’m a huge Marvel guy). I only really like Harley Quinn and you guess it, Wonder Woman. So, here’s my tribute to the Demigoddess of Themyscira. This is my favorite outfit, from her DC Rebirth run. Have a fantastic day, everyone, and stay safe!
User comments:
Yeah, I'm more of a Marvel fan myself. What tools did you use to create this awesome piece of art? Was it alcohol markers like before? I could never compare to that! XD
Yes, alcohol based markers. And some Prismacolor colored pencils. They’re really good for details. Practice, practice, practice, my friend. You should’ve seen my work when I first started using the markers last year, lol. :)