Dr. Harleen Quinzel (Plus good news)
1st Aug 2020, 4:16 PM
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Dr. Harleen Quinzel (Plus good news)
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Author Notes:
This drawing was so much fun, and it came out really nicely. I’ve always wanted to draw Harley pre crazy. Anyway, I just got my laptop back from the shop, so Cardinal Traits may be coming back soon. Thanks for sticking in there.
User comments:
Excellent! And I've been hoping you'd get back to the story. I wanna see The Scribbler!
Haha, is that her superhero name? I love it! And nothing's set in stone yet, but I will probably be sketching some pages this week. 🙂
You have a knack for rendering hair! It looks so real! Amd isn't it sad that no matter how much the Joker abuses and belittles her, she stays by his side?
Thank you very much! And yeah. That's Stockholm for you. They've been broken up for a long time in the comics, though. I'm really proud of her. She's killing it without him. ☺️