Cardinal Traits Page 26
Cardinal Traits Page 26
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Author Notes:
Oh, goodness. He opened his big mouth. Why didn't you just keep that to yourself, Josiah?! Geez. :P

Happy Friday, everyone! :D:D
User comments:
Yeah... never say that on the first date, Josiah. Other than that, he seems like a sweet guy. And I will never get over how you draw hair!
I know right? He’s an idiot! XD

Thanks! Hair is fun. :)
Uh oh! It does seem like a cool idea at first...but then..would I really want to date my own OCs? Hmm this is bringing up some interesting questions
I would looooove to go on a a date with Naomi. Actually, I think I made her my ideal woman, lol. 😁

Abby would be so cute on a date, and Shadow Boy would be the worst, in my head. We don’t know much about him yet, but I could imagine him playing tricks like Peeves from Harry Potter. ☺️