New Character Page!
1st May 2017, 4:07 PM
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New Character Page!
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Author Notes:
Hey, everyone! I just put up a character page. Go check it out if you like! :D

I also have a new banner. :3
User comments:
This may be a random comment, but I like that you've given your characters unique clothes thus far. I get pretty vanilla plain with that, but unique clothes really does make a character pop!
Thank you so much! Working hard with that. I'm just getting to know Naomi and Mary. ^_^

Oh and btw, I love randomness. :D
I like that Naomi has some thickness and curves to her. Seems like there's nothing "plain jane" about her so far. :)
Oh no sir! And she loves her curves. Decided to embrace them. :3

And thanks! ^_^