Cardinal Traits Page 54
Cardinal Traits Page 54
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Author Notes:
Here, Naomi's parents finally realize that their daughter was having an identity crisis right under their noses. It happens all the time. Parents, please make sure you talk to your kids and look for the signs that they're not being themselves. :)

Happy Saturday, everybody! :D
User comments:
Makes sense. Art is all about being yourself. When you stop being that, your art suffers.
Exactly. I can't wait to get deeper into the lore. The next page will reveal a lot. :)
Well at least they know it's not because of a developmental delay!
Haha. Yeah, that would make things a little more... complicated, lol.
Getting more and more interesting. I'm eagerly awaiting more lore, Like what are the parent's traits and why didn't they tell her about this? Why is this family special and is there a hidden subculture of Cardinals, other than the baseball fans?
Haha. Baseball fans, nice. All in due time. I can’t give it all away in the next few pages, but you’re about to learn some really interesting stuff. Just stay with me on the ride. :)