Cardinal Traits Page 55
Cardinal Traits Page 55
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Author Notes:
Now, we finally get some lore! I was so excited about this page. I hope this starts to clear some things up. If there are any questions, you know what to do (I'll answer them if it doesn't give too much away)! :)
User comments:
Fascinating. This almost sounds like a realistic super power. And I find it heartwarming that you included blue collar work and parenthood as being a special skill. Every job is important and matters.
Thank you! They definitely are super powers, lol. It's nice to know that the lore works. It goes very deep, deeper that can even be discussed in the comic, lol. I probably went overboard. :P
I just noticed the 'feet' on the silhouette second from the right. I her trait to be a mannequin?
Oh, I think I get it. She's a singer and that's the microphone stand. Nevermind.
Haha. Right. Omg, I never saw that it looked like that until now. I'm a mess, lol.
So not all cardinal traits come with special abilities?
That's a good question. Cardinal Traits are actually a real thing in psychology. The definition is true. I wanted to show that it's based in reality, and Naomi's family is a special sect that are blessed with powers.

It's sort of like how there are mutants in real life (people born with unique genotypes and phenotypes), but Marvel has mutants that have powers.

I got the idea for this comic in Psychology 101 when we learned about it. :)